Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to bring something with me to show where I live?  How much income I earn?

A: No.  We ask patrons some household information for demographic purposes (and share this info with Good Shepherd) but the answers are voluntary and will not affect your eligibility to use the pantry.

Q: I can’t make it to the Pantry, can someone else pick up food for me?

A: Yes! Your friend can even register you (though we will send along a form for you to sign).

Q: Can I volunteer at the Pantry?

A: If you are interested in volunteering, leave a message at 207-358-0359 or send an email to and our volunteer coordinator will get in touch.  We are still being a bit cautious about expanding the volunteer pool due to the pandemic, so there might not be immediate need.

Q: Does Standish Food Pantry accept food donations?

A: There is a patio box outside the entrance at the pantry (410 Northeast Rd, Standish) or a box inside Better Fit Fitness (Colonial Marketplace, Standish).  If you want to pass donations directly to Pantry volunteers, there is staff at the pantry on Mondays from 8:00 to 9:30 and Wednesday from 10:00 to 4:00.

Q: Do you accept eggs that my chickens produced or produce that I grew in my garden?

A: We do, but please drop it off during the hours listed above when volunteers will be present.

Q: Do you accept clothing, furniture, or book donations?

A: We do not.  We are focused on grocery items.  We do accept personal care items.

Q: What about pet food?

A: No.  Besides personal care items, we accept empty egg cartons and reusable bags.  That’s about it.

Q: Where can I send a monetary donation?

A: Our mailing address is Standish Food Pantry, PO BOX 463, Standish, ME 04084.

Q: The eggs I got from the pantry have a “use by” date that has already passed, why did you give me bad eggs?

A: We repackage containers of eggs that have one or two cracked eggs in them.  The egg cartons are re-used so the past date is because of this.  Sometimes the eggs come from a local farmer that has also re-used egg cartons.  None of the eggs we distribute are past their “best by” date.

Q: Where does all the food come from?

A: We receive and purchase food through Good Shepherd, we pick up food donated by Hannaford (coordinated by Good Shepherd), we get food from Wayside Kitchen (that comes from BJs, Whole Foods, Hannaford and other sources), we get food from TEFAP (a program of the USDA), we get food donations made by community members through food drives and dropped in our drop boxes, and we purchase from and get donations from local farmers.  If I’ve overlooked a source, I apologize.